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Scott L. Cooper, DPM

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Dr. Cooper relieves hard, painful calluses in his Downtown Brooklyn, NY, patients using the safest, most effective techniques so patients can enjoy their regular activities without discomfort.


What causes calluses?

Also called hyperkeratoses, calluses usually form over bone spurs or under the ends of the metatarsals (bones that form the ball of the foot) when the skin is pressed and rubbed against the bone by repeated friction. As a result, thick layers of protective skin build up in the area, eventually forming the hardened callus and causing painful symptoms, especially when walking. Calluses often form sacs of fluid, called bursa, that act to protect the underlying bone. Bursa can contribute to pain and swelling in the area surrounding the callus, resulting in additional pain or dull, persistent aching.

Are corns and calluses the same thing?

Both corns and calluses form as a result of friction and pressure on the skin of the foot, but corns usually form on the toes while calluses form on the soles of the feet. Both corns and calluses can occur as a result of problems with the foot structure or gait, or from wearing footwear that doesn't fit properly.

How does Dr. Cooper treat calluses?

Dr. Cooper uses special instruments to safely trim painful calluses and apply padding to relieve pressure and friction. When calluses are very severe, cortisone injections or oral medications may be prescribed to reduce inflammation and pain. He also helps patients understand the possible causes of their calluses and learn how to avoid developing them in the future.

Can I treat a callus at home?

There are some things you can do at home to relieve the pain of a callus, such as soaking your feet and gently removing loosened dead skin with a pumice, or wearing a moleskin pad to cushion the area and prevent friction. Be careful when removing a pad since the adhesive may tear the skin. Beware of callus removers, which use acids that can burn your foot and make matters worse.

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Dr. Cooper accepts major insurancee plans including No Fault Insurance. For questions regarding your insurance provider, please contact Cooper Podiatry.

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