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Scott L. Cooper, DPM

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Custom orthotics can be an ideal treatment for relieving chronic foot pain that occurs in the heels, toes or anywhere on your foot or ankle. Dr. Cooper offers state-of-the-art custom orthotics so patients in the Downtown Brooklyn, New York area can finally find the comfort and relief they're seeking.

Custom Orthotics Q & A

What is a custom orthotic?

Custom orthotics are shoe inserts that are made of leather to synthetic materials and are designed for your specific foot shape and the issue you're facing. They're used to help relieve pain, pressure and friction, to help joints maintain proper alignment, and to improve balance and gait.

How does an orthotic from Dr. Cooper differ from a foot insert I can buy at the drugstore?

Off-the-shelf inserts are designed to fit a broad population and address a wide range of foot problems, which means they're not nearly as effective as an orthotic device that's made just for your needs. Even so-called “moldable” over-the-counter inserts can't provide the same level of support as a custom orthotic that's designed specifically for the pressures exerted on your foot.

What kinds of foot problems can custom orthotics address?

Because they're custom made for each patient, orthotics can be used to address a wide variety of issues, including flat feet or “fallen” arches, bunions, pronation and other gait problems, or structural problems of the foot or toes. Dr. Cooper will use special tools o measure your foot shape and diagnose your issue to ensure the orthotic is designed specifically for your needs and your comfort.

Major Insurance Plans Accepted

Dr. Cooper accepts major insurancee plans including No Fault Insurance. For questions regarding your insurance provider, please contact Cooper Podiatry.

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